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Winter delicacies ... 

Pancakes!  Pancakes! 

   When the weather is grey, when it is cold and raining, how miserable are we! Fortunately, to feel better,  there is one means, it is to prepare something good together.

  • Tomorrow, at the Martin's, it is mom's birthday. Marina, who is eight years old, decided  to secretely prepare pancakes!

" Hello! Granny! Could you tell me how to make pancakes, please? - pancakes, my darling? All by yourself? - Of course not! Granny! Cyril will help me! ". 

Cyril at six is a quick witted kid, but Mamie has misgivings about leaving these two children in the kitchen... Anyway, she can always give them the recipe, specifying that it is necessary to wait a long time, and she will come round later...

The two children start with flour: 

  • one, two three large cups drop into the bowl, raising a large white cloud... 

  • Eggs, now! Crac!.. crac!.. crac-splash! The third one is all over the floor! 
    the children look at themselves frightened...

Nevermind, let's go on!

They stir the mixture until it is smooth; they add milk...  Cyril gets so carried away that the dough splashes over his  shirt and even into his eyes, Nothing to worry about...  

  • Ah! Here is Granny! She assesses the damage at a glance: she feared worse! 

She adds sugar, a pinch of salt, a drop of orange-flower water. Here comes the most difficult part. The first pancake turns into a charred ball, the second one too, but from the third on, the situation improves until Marina who has become over confident tosses the pancake so high that it falls down onto her head... ouch!

They keep on working until
 they've prepared a
handsome pile of pancakes.

They've worked well, both of them, mom will have a beautiful surprise: on a large flowery dish, the children display their work. The whole house smells good of pancakes. Granny has brought a jar of strawberry jam  and there is some honey left in the cupboard: What a treat! And how about inviting our new neighbour who seems so nice?

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Joelle Llapasset - Jacqueline Masson - Translation C. Chastagner 

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